Research, Multimedia, and Outreach by Dave Klinges

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Seeking to uncover the source code of the natural realm

A record of the meditations, murmurs, models, and misadventures of Nature Dave in his pursuit of ecological knowledge.

Despite hundreds of years of observational, experimental, and simulative work, we still have much to learn about our environment. To uncover and disseminate this endless knowledge is critical given the state of anthropogenic global change, as the immense biodiversity and undomesticated landscapes that are the source of natural beauty are imperiled. By combining empirical observations in the field, mathematical and statistical models, and ecological theory, I try to answer (or at least shed a few rays of light on) some tough questions about our changing planet.



Furthering knowledge of natural systems requires integrative research that combines field observations, experiments, models, and simulation.

My research leverages cutting-edge modeling tools, remote sensing methods, and big data to develop and test ecological and geographical hypotheses.

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Projects and Collaborations

Explore some of ongoing projects by Dave and collaborators here

Scheffers Lab

Exploring global change ecology across scales and systems

Tropical Sustainability

Contributing to Amazon conservation and research outside of academic settings

Interactive Mapping

Who doesn’t like playing with R Shiny for fun maps?

Ecological Forecasting

Near-term, iterative forecasting for conservation and management application.

Data Carpentries

Instructor for Carpentries, a network aiming to train researchers with essential data and computational skills

UAV Piloting

Drone applications for mapping of terrestrial and coastal systems

Networking Climate Data

Meet MESH, a team building microclimate sensors that wirelessly log and transfer information at a low cost

Conservation Multimedia

Filmmaking and production for environmental non-profits

If research is the eyes of the scientific community, outreach is its voice: positive change requires proper communication and motivation.

One form of conveying the importance of conservation work is through film and photo. See the gallery for some of Nature Dave’s work developing multimedia products to share some of the amazing wildlife and scenes he’s experienced.

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